After the Storm

Tropical storm Isaac passed us by, far out into the Gulf of Mexico. A few rainy days, but nothing more.

The only problem we've had from the storm is that our internet is out most of the time (now) and our phone connection stinks, I've called the company and hope they'll have it fixed tomorrow. Or I'll find a different way to get internet.

I did finish the quilt top that I was working on (details to come). Once completed the plan was to spend the next day pinning and quilting it. I even made it to the fabric store before they closed for the storm to get backing fabric. The fabric store, by the way, was packed.

Of course, at some point I realized I had a whole bunch of kids here who couldn't go outside and the kitchen table wasn't going to become available, at least not without peanut butter on it. The quilt did not get pinned or quilted, but is draping a chair in my room so I can enjoy it often.

And then I remembered I'd won a jelly roll of Tula Pink's Birds and Bees fabric from Amber over at One Shabby Chick. To resist would have been futile, so I didn't.

What's one more pretty project to finish?

Oh, there's no white fabric in either of these. Solids, yes, but not white. As much as I love white, and I really really do, it's been great fun drowning in all this color.

What's new on your crafting table?

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  1. What lovely projects you have there. You need to invest in a big fold out table to pin, and then fold back up. They come in handy in situations like yours.