Fabric Bag heading to Canada

I was asked recently to make a basket as a "swap angel" for someone who's partner didn't take the Swapping Integrity Pledge (shame on them!) in the Quilted Fabric Basket Swap. Having not received an expected item in a swap I know how crappy and un-fun that feels, so I was more than happy to help out (as were quite a few other angels).

And this is the basket heading to Canada this week.

These baskets, following this tutorial, are very quick and easy to put together.

 I love the fabrics together, so much so that I'm working on a quilt with the same combination.

I hope the recipient will enjoy the bag, and feel a little more internet-swap-loved.

Here is the bag I made for the swap.

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1 Comment

  1. What a lucky person - in the end she had a great partner who made her a GORGEOUS bag!