Rain, Again (but in a new venue)

You know that old joke about taking the weather with you?

You know, "I guess you brought that rain/snow/heat/cold/hurricane with you. Har har."

Well, apparently, we did bring the rain with us. Thank you very much. This was day 1 of vacation. Lucky for us, it was a light rain.

And a very entertaining rain. I love how the kids can be kept busy (and learning) so easily and for so long without expensive electronic gadgets.

If you've a weak stomach read no further: After the rain we took a walk and 1-2" long black cockroach-like crustaceans were covering the sidewalk. As the little children ran through their midst they scurried off in droves. Very, very creepy horror movie-ish. Thankfully, we didn't see those bugs or whatever they were after the first day.

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1 Comment

  1. Looks like a great place, with a wonderful front porch! No pics of the creepy bugs?? Hope the rest of your vacation is/was fun.