$1, 15 minute skirt (with simple directions)

 Hobby Lobby recently came to town. I was the last to know. My budget is grateful for that.

I had my first Hobby Lobby experience last weekend and I'm so infatuated.

Sadly (or not), I walked into the store 15 minutes before they closed. After a quick whirl around the fabric department I left, determined to return the next evening when I'd have all the time in the world. And return I did, and I leisurely strolled through each and every aisle ... just for fun.

And then I saw them. The bandanas. Many, many bandannas in oodles of colors and patterns. Just $1 each ... and 50% off! I picked up a few for a skirt for Mia. The bandannas also make great shorts, but I've just recently made River quite a few pairs of shorts and wasn't ready to spring bandana shorts on the other boys without their consent, so I stuck with the one skirt plan.

Very simply:

With right sides together I sewed up two side seams. I put a small slit at the bottom of Mia's skirt, if she'd been younger I'd have left it out.

I then determined the length I wanted, and added about 1 1/4" to that length, and trimmed off the excess from the top of the skirt.

I then folded the top edge down 1/4, then again 1" and stitched around to form the elastic casing (leaving an opening to thread the elastic). After inserting waistband elastic I closed the casing and the skirt was done.

So easy and inexpensive I can guarantee Mia (and Cassie, it fit her too) will have quite a few more of these summer skirts.

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