Smack on the Forehead Goodness

Some days my Google Reader seems to ooze extra brilliance.  Today is one of those days.  Here are just a few things that just must be shared with anyone and everyone.

First, this one that has me smacking myself in the forehead for not coming up with it myself many, many children ago.  Do you have any idea how many cute, functional storage boxes I could have right now if I'd started making these when the first child started in diapers?  More than enough to get me on one of those hoarder shows, for sure ... so, yeah, maybe I wouldn't turn ALL the diaper boxes into storage.

And shrinky dink jewelry.  Dang.  Too darn cute. And it looks fairly easy too. I love the zig zag cut edges ... what a neat touch that adds.

And then a bit of practicality.  

Tonight we are heading out to run errands.  I am on a mission to find heart shaped candy molds. Tomorrow we'll make little pink/red/white/hint of orange Valentine's crayons, similar to the ones we made here. On Monday (if not this rainy afternoon) we'll make cute cards following this tutorial.

And just when I thought I was done ... I had no idea before I saw this pillow that my living room needed one.  Now I know I can't live without one (same thing happens when I shop at Ikea - go figure). Lucky for me, I have a darling daughter who just volunteered to make her Mama a fancy heart pillow.

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