Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Of that mug for your rug

Originally, I'd planned on a pattern like this for one of the mug rugs.  I thought the second might be done using the same fabrics (10 of them) but in a less structured pattern.

And then I made the first one and didn't like it one bit. The fabrics were great, but I used about 1/2 patterned fabrics, which would have been fine on a larger scale but not on the small scale of a mug rug (finished size 10" by 6") ... at least not the one I put together.

Then I saw the birdhouse I keep on one of my nightstands.  That was that. These were born.

These are for the Quilting Gallery mug rug swap. I truly hope my partner enjoys them as much as I do.

(Yes, this one is squared/rectangled(?) ... I haven't found the grid feature on my current camera yet).


  1. These are the most adorable mug rugs ever. I'm sure your swap partner will love them.

  2. SO cute....those birds? Stop it, they are too much. I love the swirl that make the body. Excellent job!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments Phyllis and Sarah!