Live Well

A few weekends ago the kids were with their father and I had one whole day, Saturday, to myself. A day to myself is not a common thing (a whole day to myself ... I'm thinking some time pre-River), and as much as I love spending time with my kids a day for me every once in a while is pretty exciting. I made myself some grand plans for the day - sewing, organizing, photographing. I could just see me being so productive with an entire day to myself!

live well wall hanging

And then the day came. And I was uninspired. I wanted to sew, I really did, but I had no ideas as to what to sew. Just drawing a blank.

I worked to force a little creativity out of myself and get a few organizing and photographing projects done.  But really, truly, I just wasn't feeling it.

live well wall hanging

I did, however, watch 16 Candles.  All was not lost.

By the end of my alone time I did squeeze out this wall hanging. That's all, just one.

The wall hanging measures about 18" by 24". The backside is solid green.

live well wall hanging

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