Holiday House

This evening we visited and toured the historic Burroughs Home in Fort Myers for Holiday House, an annual event sponsored by the Fort Myers Woman's Community Club.

The tour actually encompasses two homes across the street from each other, both of which are just wonderful to visit.  There aren't a lot of old buildings around here so we appreciate them when we can.

The theme this year was "Christmas Through a Child's Eyes" so there were lots of toy and candy decorations.  My children were very impressed!

Yes, it is a sock monkey tree!
My personal favorite was the pink green entry.  Might have something to do with this little Lilly Pulitzer obsession I have ... and I just plain love pink and green together.

The floors and woodwork are all original.  I cannot imagine keeping my floors looking this good for over 100 years!

I came away from the event with some great decorating ideas for next year!

I love the ice cream place settings!
This is the kitchen and back entryway ... they filled the kitchen sink with ornaments, it was stunning.
Again with the candy.  I had the strangest most overwhelming sugar craving when we left.


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