Another Pinwheel Quilt

I love the way this quilt fits the cottage. 

Another Pinwheel Quilt

Long ago when I bought my first house this cottage was the "inspiration" when it came to decorating.  At that time I hadn't visited the cottage since I was a very little girl so I'm not quite sure where my memories and ideas came from.  When we finally started renting it each summer I realized that my what was in my mind and what was reality weren't quite the same.  The cottage is much less light and white and airy than I thought it was, it's great but there's more dark wood and dark bedding than I remembered (yes, the furnishings from my childhood are still here ... how cool is that?).  I see bits of what I remember though, and I guess I just let my imagination take those bits and run.  No matter, I ended up loving the way my house looked and I love the way the cottage is, so it all worked out.

Another Pinwheel Quilt - Backside

This quilt is more reflective of the colors and feel I thought the cottage had.

Another Pinwheel quilt

While my mind may have edited the color scheme of the cottage it didn't edit the feel, and I was able to capture that in my home.  Or maybe I just reinterpreted the feel.  Hmm ...

The cottage is so inviting.  It's the kind of place you walk into and feel at home, whether you've been there one hundred times or once.  Every year opening the front door and walking in creates this "blanketed" effect of feeling safe and loved and "home".

It doesn't hurt to see the children there, loving nature and reveling in the fresh air, water, and sunshine.  That alone is enough to make me over the top with joy.

Another Pinwheel Quilt - Backside Detail

That feeling of warmth, safety, peace, comfort is what I want in my quilts. Along with a good dose of laughter and joy.

Another Pinwheel Quilt

Enough of my babbling ... off to enjoy the last few days before we're back to school.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the colors and the pinwheel pattern is just perfect for these fabrics. Great job!