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Summer Towel Tote with the Girls

r. at the aquariumLast week R. and I went up to Tampa and spent the day at the local aquarium. He loved it. I had run out of ideas of things to do with him and my girlfriend suggested an aquarium ... apparently she meant a fish tank, like at WalMart, for him to look at, I didn't understand that part though so we went to a BIG aquarium a two hour drive away from home. Really though, he loved, loved, loved it. He and I spent over two hours there, looking at the fish, talking to the fish, talking to and smiling at all the other people, and just generally playing and having fun.

R. is truly a water lover. Anytime he can splash, kick, "swim", watch water run, whatever ... he's in heaven, so an aquarium was right up his alley.

Summer Towel ToteFor Mommy's added enjoyment, we did a little shopping. A brand new Ikea (fun to shop at, but I get extra excited when I find a clearance sale at Ikea, and this location was just too new to have anything on clearance), Pottery Barn Kids, a few consignment shops, and a "new to us" Target gave me my fill of eye candy.

At Target I found some awesome summer dishtowels (on clearance ... I'm all about shopping the endcaps) and picked up a few sets to turn into library bags ... or sewing bags, or grocery bags, or beach bags, or take to the aquarium bags ...

The dishtowels are oversized (if you happen upon them at your own Target they're really nice ones and I do Summer Towel Tote Backside with the Girlsrecommend them ... I may go pick up a few for my kitchen) so I had to trim them down, and I still ended up with a large bag.

It doesn't show in the pictures, but the tote is lined with a vintage floral sheet.

I made a few of these and they'll be available in my etsy shop within the next day or two.

I have been very scarce lately. Summer is upon us and keeping me and the kids very very busy, and tired. I have a zillion ideas in my head for projects, and a "to do" list that's embarrassing long, but finding the time and energy is just not that easy these days. I guess we're just too busy having fun playing in the sun to do anything else ... what a shame! :)

Summer Towel Tote

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