In Black and White

I collected black and white prints for a long time with the intention of putting them together for a quilt. Finally I had enough to work with and this quilt was born.

black white quilt

The idea for the quilt came from the stars made for the Bushfire Quilt Project. While I was making the squares I donated I knew I'd eventually use the star technique to make a quilt of wonky maverick stars ... it's fun, easy, and looks awesome in the end. I had a few different ideas in my head for the black and white fabrics and the star idea won out in the end, though I expect I'll try a few others too.

black white quilt

Very simply, the stars are crafted from white or on-white fabrics, the backgrounds from black or on-black. I alternated darker and slightly lighter background squares. The border is white with black swirls, and the binding is black with white.

black white quilt detail

The quilting is done "in the ditch" on the stars and about 3/8" on both sides of the edges of the background fabrics. I used white thread around the stars, and black on the edges.

black white quilt closeup

The backside is squares of black and white fabrics.

black white quilt back

These pictures were taken on the side of the road by an industrial park. I stopped, jumped out of the car, hung the quilt and snapped away, and then hurried off again ... all the while being watched by a couple of guys on bicycles. I'm sure they had no idea what the crazy woman (me) was doing. Sigh ...

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3 Comment

  1. I love the background for your photos and I love the kind of bravery which allows you to so. My kids would just die if I did that but I would anyway. I am sure they will be as wacky as me when they get to my age too.

  2. I love the quilt, but realistically I love the side of the road pics better. I am definitely that person. :)

  3. oooh my this is beautiful. i've been wanting to do something with those stars...on the list. love that you jumped out of the car to take these shots! i'd love to hear the guys watching tell their friends..."well, i was riding my bike and you'll never guess what I saw..."