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zig zag quilt detail

zag zig quilt

zig zag quilt detail I had to jump on the bandwagon and make a zig-zag quilt like this one.

I'm so glad I did!

I really enjoyed making this quilt, but, for better or worse, it was quite a learning experience.

I've only worked with triangles a few times and have had very limited success. When I cut the white fabric for this some of it wasn't cut exactly right and it made a huge difference. The squares that were the right size looked terrific when mixed with the colored squares, the ones that were not the perfect size came out pretty wonky. I know perfectly well to cut correctly ... I think exhaustion was catching up to zig zag backside, binding, detailme. BUT, because I'm working on focusing on the positive and encouraging sides of things, what I've opted to learn from this is that I can sew with triangles and, if I'm careful, it can turn out wonderfully.

Second lesson ... I ran out of white thread late at night ... too late to run to Walmart or a fabric store so I used pale pink thread. It shows through onto the front. It's very obvious. Again, I'm going with exhaustion playing a part in this because I know better.

The colors aren't quite accurate in the pictures. The greens look a bit more yellowish than they are, the Ikea hippo fabric is much more lime green looking than the olive it appears.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this quilt. It matches R.'s bedding, but he doesn't need a second quilt in his room. Perhaps give it away ... I don't know yet.

I will certainly be making another quilt in this pattern, but with the right size pieces and the right thread.

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  1. It looks very nice and cheerful. I like this option, it is a short-cut to an ordinary zig-zag quilt I know. I may try adding strips like you did.

  2. I love the use of the blue and the green. The zig zag quilt is a pattern in my "Must Do." Thanks for sharing your lovely interpretation.

  3. This quilt is fantastic ! I have been wanting to try one too, you've totally inspired me to do so. Love the colors too. ooxx`jodi

  4. Very nice! I wish we had an Ikea, i love their fabric!

  5. I think that this is one for your NC family. C would love it! :o)

  6. but he doesn't need a second quilt in his room.

    Hardee Har Har! Jacob has an embarrasing number of quilts - both gifts & momma made...

  7. every time i see those zig zags i fall in love your fabrics..your quilting...totally fun!

  8. What a gorgeous quilt! I love the colours - beautiful use of fabrics, the way the blues and greens merge into one from a distance, but then as you get closer the details of the different fabrics reveal themselves... Love!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and have only read the last couple weeks blogs but I had to stop to tell you that I LOVE ALL YOUR QUILTS. I am a true novice, have lots of fabric and all the tools but instead of actually sitting down to do one, I like to get online and read about how to do it and look at ones others have created!!! I particularly love the one behind the baby and the zig zag one. Perhaps you'll inspire to get my butt (or hands) moving!!

  10. J., your quilts just keep getting better and better!