Brick Quilt 1 Finished

first brick quilt

And yet another finished quilt, originally mentioned here.

I have to say I'm rather proud (or maybe it's just surprised) of myself for getting these quilts done. R. is, like a typical two week old, quite first brick quilt close-upneeding of attention and, frankly, I'd much rather indulge him than sew any day. So the sewing gets done in little spurts ... but it is getting done, slowly and steadily.

Maybe someday I'll even sew some Christmas gifts (or not, given that Christmas is in less than two weeks). There are a few things in this book I'd like to make, but time may not first brick quiltbe on my side right now (especially considering I don't have the book yet!).

I wasn't sure when I started this quilt if I was going to border it or not and I'm so glad I did. Most of the time a border just adds so much to a quilt.

first brick quilt detail, quilting, binding, backThe quilt is quilted with spirally swirls, sort of picking up a pattern in one of the fabrics in the top (the orange, green, gold, brown striped fabric). It was a super easy way to quilt it and turned out nicely.

The backing is a coordinating striped fabric with a row of bricks.

first brick quilt backside

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4 Comment

  1. I love this. I really love how you have some of the bricks on the back of the quilt too. And that fun quilting loops. Just adorable.

    I contribute to a blog and would be honored if you would allow me to feature this quilt there. If you would can you let me know by email at

    Again, it's lovely, as is your square patchwork with bright pink quilt! Very inspiring. I feel like I need to go cut up some fabric.

  2. I love it!! These are some of my favorite fabrics, and I love seeing them all together in one quilt! And I'm impressed at how productive you're being with a newborn at home ;-)

  3. This quilt is just beautiful. I am so glad that I found your blog. I am just a beginner quilter but am having a ball. I will be visiting again.

  4. The bricks look great. I'm always a bit hesitant about getting totally random in selecting pieces, but you've shown it really can work. Well done.