My Project Bag Begins to Shrink

blue red patchwork quilt
close up of blue red patchwork quiltHere is the first of the quilts I brought with me to the cottage to work on. I started with the easier ones, with straight bindings, and am getting ready to move on to the more "interesting" wavy bindings (including the quilt for the babe ... the one I'm most excited about, of course!).

This one has a twin sister, using the same colors some more feminine fabrics as well as many of the ones in this quilt. While I tried to steer away from florals with this one that'sbackside and binding of red blue patchwork quilt easier said than done and one of the red fabrics is a berry fabric ... not floral, but close. I love the crab fabric in this one, it's an embroidered flannel (came that way) and adds a nice bit of softness and whimsy to the quilt.

The quilt measures about 42" by 42" overall.

red blue patchwork quilt for boy or girlThe backside is a wavy blue cotton and the quilting stitching is done with a machine zig-zag, alternating rows of red and blue thread. The batting is very lightweight making the quilt easy to pack into a tote or diaper bag for traveling.

I am having so much fun taking pictures at and around the cottage! As much as I love using gree tropical Florida as a background the woods, greenery, lake, and flowers are so detail of red blue patchwork quiltdifferent and so "homey". I have to admit though that I didn't take all of these, C. and her cousin had took a lot of the pictures (after dragging them away from the lake to do so).

This will be listed on etsy ... though it'll probably be a week or two. As usual, I'll mention it on the blog when it's listed.

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