Score Another One For Mr. Winky

I hinted at this a week or so ago, but no one picked up on it, or at least no one mentioned it. Hmmph. So I guess I'll just come out and say it (the title gives it away though, maybe?*).

We're having a boy. Boy #4. As K. keeps telling me there will now be 5 males in this house and only 3 girls. That's ok, K., all of us females are still older than you!

Jason and I were both sure, for different reasons, that this one was a girl. However, I've always, every single time, been wrong when I've tried to guess so I didn't give my "instinct" any credit.

We're excited, and most especially happy that the babe looks great ... everything seems to be going well with him.

The shopping has begun. The day I found out I was pregnant (one week before the store closed) Jason and I raided the racks at Ditto Kiddo, gathering all the boy and girl clothes we wanted in every size up to 3 years. I'm sure we looked like we were nuts ... oh heck, at that point we were feeling more than a little nuts. There wasn't a huge selection, since we'd been marking things down for a month, but we did alright. And now we don't need any of the girl stuff (and it's so cute!) so it has been sold/taken to the consignment store with the money going towards new boy gear. The images are a few of the adorable things I've picked up this week at Once Upon a Child and Trader Tots (her prices are incredible).
We found out we were having a boy because I went to the emergency room a week ago Saturday for bleeding concerns. The bleeding started at 14 weeks, and stopped completely around 16 weeks. I hadn't mentioned it here because we didn't want to worry the kids if we didn't need to. I've had numerous ultrasounds and everything has looked ok, except that there's a pocket of blood between the uterus and placenta, called a subchorionic hematoma. That's what seemed to be causing the bleeding problems. At almost 18 weeks the bleeding started again, of course on a Friday night when I can't see my OB until Monday, so we went to the ER (C. went with us, which is why I'm more comfortable mentioning all this here). The US tech wasn't able to find the bleed but everything else looked fine and the baby was right on schedule and appeared quite healthy and appropriately active, with a steady strong heartbeat ... and boy parts. Within a few days the bleeding stopped and hasn't started again. I've been on very limited activity for the last 5 weeks ... lots of resting, no lifting, etc. I feel like a lump. I've always believed pregnancy is just a fact of life, not an illness or handicap, so suddenly having to be very careful has been hard to get used to. The potential consequences, though, are keeping me in line and well behaved. The babe has been busy lately, lots of wiggling and jiggling, which is so reassuring and, of course, just plain heartwarming.

I have realized, by the by, that I don't look very pregnant. No, I just look larger. Apparently, when you start out a lot wee bit on the rounder-all-over side you don't get pregnant and look like Heidi Klum, with just a cute tummy to show off. Nope, you just look even rounder - all over. It's a little embarrasing to find out that people are ready and willing to accept the fact that I've gained a ton of weight in just a few months ... rather than deducing that I might be pregnant!

Signed ...

Really Round Lumpy Jody of the Testosterone Filled Home

*Mr. Winky is slang for that male body part (I don't know ... can I say the real term without attracting "interesting" new visitors to the blog?)

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11 Comment

  1. Oh fun! I wondered, but wasn't sure if you were still just hoping becasue of the quilt. ;)

  2. Hi, It's always best to listen to the doc if there are problems. Because I wouldn't want you to loose your computer while you are laid low please pop over to my blog for some very important info on a deadly new virus(computer, that is!). Cherrie

  3. happy news. i didn't pick up on your hint last post. sorry. and i hate that you've had that bleeding and now must take it easy. i agree that pregnancy shouldn't be such an illness, but this is my first, so what do i know? i'm 23 weeks along. what's your due date?

  4. I would dare say not many women in the world look like Heidi Klum pregnant. I'm sure you are beautiful and its lovely news. Don't compare yourself to anyone!!! You are you and you are amazing and you will be having another great boy. Lovely news.

  5. Congratulations!:)

    Sorry to hear about the bleeding, but I'm glad you're doing well now.

  6. Well congrats on the boy! I'm sure you're all beaming around the house :-) And about looking like Heidi Klum? Yeah, I wish I knew her secret. Oh wait - could it be that she has a million dollars to spend on trainers between each pregnancy? Not fair. Not fair at all. ;-)

    I'm sure you're adorable.

  7. oh how exciting Congrats, knew you liked that blue quilt better!!
    And that sailboat outfit...just too fitting for your family.
    We've decided not to find out but secretly...I hope it just shows up in the ultrasound. But if not...that's cool too.

  8. Ok-
    The baby quilt on the previous post is amazing and please don't say anything that will attract icky visitors! ;)
    I think Mr. Winky is safe. At first I thought...who???
    That's just me though!
    I'm glad that you are doing "as ordered"
    It sure is worth it and you of all people don't need to be told that! :)
    You have that wonderful family to remind you of every day. :)

  9. I was wondering too...congratulations! Take good care!!

  10. Oh goody!!

    I SAW that comment...but I thought you were just implying that such were your suspicions!

    Congratulations again!

    Bleeding is always heart-quaking. I'm glad everything looks good, and that babe is keeping you reassured with his activity!

  11. Congratulations!!!! Bos are so much fun.