Baby Decorating Decisions Have Been Made ...

at least for today.

Yesterday I really wanted to make a quilt, crib sized. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and stared and stared at my fabric stash. Finally, in an "ah ha" moment I went and looked at my flickr favorites and saw the perfect quilt to make. And I had fabric to make it. So I began cutting and sewing.

Last night I googled for neutral nurseries and nothing jumped out at me. Of course, before I was having a baby I loved everything I saw and now I don't like anything. Pregnancy sure can make one fickle. After looking at hundreds of images (I'm serious) I quit.

Can you believe I'm actually going somewhere with this?

After looking at neutral nursery images and getting discouraged I went upstairs to work on the quilt. And that's when it hit me ... this is just fine for THE quilt. If the baby is a boy.

quilt top

The quilt will be quilted with navy thread (like the inspiration quilt) and the binding will be navy also, to tone down the brightness a little bit.

It will hang on the wall above a daybed we keep in that room.

But what if it's a girl? Easy peasy. I'm making two quilts, this blue and green one and another, very similar, pink and green one (Lilly Pulitzerish shades). I need three more pink fabrics and then I'll start on it. Both will have the same white sashing.

I'm sure Jason will be extremely disappointed but I've decided not to have him paint the nursery furniture black (he'll still have to paint the crib, but white instead). As much as I think it'd be absolutely beautiful and I really want to do it I it wouldn't match any of the other kids rooms, and I really don't expect the baby to have his own room for too long, so it'll be much more practical to be able to move matching furniture around.

The crib skirt will be white, and I'll just add ric rac to it, green and either pink or blue, or maybe just do all three and call it a day. White sheets, we can always add blue or pink or green or whatever as needed. Bumper ... I'm leaning towards white with embroidery in a variety of colors.

So, for the moment, that's the plan. I am pregnant and fickle though, so it could all change by tonight.

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7 Comment

  1. That's so cool! And I meant every word of my post. I love your quilts. :) You should buy some white sheets, then dye them whatever color you want. It's so super easy and you can get about any color for cheap!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for getting me off the hook with the nursery decor ideas! Now I guess I better decide. Honestly, I think I'll be doing two rooms at once since we never really did much for Dex's room. I guess it makes it easier to decide then.

  3. I really love it, you made a great choice! I can't wait to see the girl version ;-)

  4. Neutral is really hard to do with and extra ton of blood racing round your veins- colour is the best option!

  5. What great ideas. Its fun to dream of what things will look like. Love that quilt, too.

  6. Nice work...I'm sure whatever you make will be wonderful...many quilts...many different nursery looks...oops sorry...that would be what might happen to me!

  7. Hello there, just thought I would drop by and say hello as mine is your inspirational quilt. I love your version of the quilt too. I have now given that quilt to it's new owner and really miss it. I now have to do two girl ones, so I guess I will love them next and then pass them on. I love your work by the way.