bright quilt detail with back and border
This is the last of the quilt tops I had ready to finish except for a few scrap quilts, but I'm not in a bright little quilthurry to finish those, and may even make them larger. Now I get to make more tops ... and I can't wait! I've got a few ideas brewing and I think I know what I'm doing for the doll quilt swap ... it's time to play.

This one was just fun. It's an easy top to put together, just lots of long strips sewn around the center rectangle (more here), and the fabrics seemed to just pick themselves (even bright quilt detailthe border, which is not quite in the same color "season" as the rest of the quilt, but she begged and pleaded to be included ... pointing out that she did sort of match ... who am I to argue with such pretty fabric?). I really like that the colors are different ... they work for a baby girl, but they aren't the least bit traditional.

I had some issues with the quilting and it's a little wonky in spots so bright quilt with back and borderthis won't go to my shop but will, hopefully, find a new love at a craft show ... unless I decide I love it too much and keep it ... seriously, I could make a matching diaper bag ... hmmm ....

Have a great weekend!

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4 Comment

  1. That's really neat! And different.

    You know what just struck me? You live in Florida and you make quilts.

    Do you ever use them yourself?


  2. Ha ha Jenni! Yes, we use quilts, but not heavy ones. Quilts wash more easily than comforters so we have them on all our beds ... but Jason and I are the only ones who actually sleep under ours.

  3. That is a great question and a good answer :)

  4. I love it, its kind of medallion quilt. Simple and classic. Love that.