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Going ...

Going ...

Going ...

Going ...


Going ...

Going ...


Oh my gosh! This was so cool. We happened to find out that a restaurant and home down the street from the store was being demolished so we HAD to go check it out.

The restaurant was a pretty crappy place years ago when it was still open. We've seen it reopen a number of times as a number of different things ... Fisherman's Cove, Blue Marlin, Olympia Grill ... none of which looked destined to succeed. We'd never been in the building, and felt really ok about that ... it just wasn't very clean and inviting from the outside.

For the last few years the marquis sign has said "under renovation" and a big sign in the front has been promising condos, but nothing ever materialized and the place just kept looking scarier and scarier.

We took a few pictures of the back patio a few weeks ago, it was pretty beaten up but sometimes it's fun to look for hidden treasure ... we didn't find any.

But what a treasure this was today. We missed the beginning of the tear-down but caught the last half of the restaurant and the demolition of the house/apartment/office building ... and it all took less than 35 minutes. Amazing. The kids were screaming with excitement (C. stayed and watched the shop, good thing too because there was a gigantic swarm of bees in the restaurant and they always sting her) and had a great time with the camera, taking 90+ pictures, each of them a cool action shot. I was most surprised by the sound, I expected loud noise and it really sounded like big crackers being broken.

I think they may be looking to put condo's in here and in some adjacent land that was just cleared. This is waterfront property (so is our store) with beautiful views. Just doesn't seem like the time for new construction though, given the market.

So that was our excitement for today.

No sewing going on after the flurry over the last week or so, though this morning I did have the urge to make a quilt like this. And, I swear, as I was telling myself I didn't have to time start this today a different little voice was saying "oh but wouldn't it be great to make it out of unbleached muslin with all those vintage-look fabrics in the stash?". I'm not sure which voice won yet ... but I'm off to check out the stash.

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  1. Now every time we pass by this torn-down building the boys start talking about the bees. And K. tells me about the machine eating the building.