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After ....

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Last night I. said he was ready for a haircut so he was squeezed in with my appt. today.

We looked at a hair book, me showing him all the pictures of longer more styled hair, and him pointing out all the short haircuts. It was painfully obvious that he wanted a serious haircut ... and it's his hair so, of course, I consented.

It's a nice hairstyle, and it looks terrific. I'm sad about the loss of his long hair, but I know in a day or two I'll be perfectly used to this cut ... and it is hair ... it can always grow out again when he's ready.

I. likes it. He's going to have to get used to it, but I think he'll be pleased. He was running into too many situations where he was mistaken for a girl and at 9 year old that mattered to him.

His neighbor friend said it looked gay. Can I kick his butt? Boy, that just gets my blood boiling. Why do they have to say such stupid critical things to each other? Grrr...

I'd working on getting some things on etsy. Hopefully in the next day or two. I've finished more baby blankets, burp pads, and back packs ... I just need to get the photos taken and items listed.

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  1. What a handsome young fellow!

    I love the hair cut! :)

    I love the new "header' as well.

    I just love, love everything I guess!