Freezer Paper Stencils

My sister called a while ago and asked if I'd make quilt squares for her family for a quilt for her husband's mother. I suggested doing silhouettes on fabric that represented each of the four of them. My youngest four were each assigned one person to find fabric for so the fabrics chosen were their choices, based on what they thought best represented their cousin/aunt/uncle. The squares are 17" but are actually supposed to be 12", somewhere along the way there was a miscommunication. Luckily, the squares can be cut to 12". I'm sending a permanent black pen along with the squares so that each person can add a personal note, signature, whatever on their square.

oct01 004
Dad spent a bit of time in Africa and fell in love with it. He asked that his fabric be African-inspired people. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good people fabric that didn't have too much black in it, so this is what I ended up with. I'm not sure why Dad ended up being so small on the fabric ... I thought I'd gotten each of them to be roughly the same size!

oct01 007

Mom, my sister, is a teacher so we picked a fabric that represented that. I am not happy with the way her glasses turned out and am going to shorten the side piece.

oct01 003
My neice is a teenager, lacrosse player, and musician. We didn't find any lacrosse fabric (we looked!) but found this musical instrument fabric and thought it'd be perfect for her.

oct01 008
My nephew is the same age as M. I love his silhouette. He loves sports, mostly baseball, but he's an all-around athlete, thus this fabric is well suited for him.

The freezer paper stencils were easy peasy. I'd read a tutorial about them ages ago, that I can't find now, and had the idea in the back of my mind. Coincidentally, after making the decision to do the stencils this tutorial was written by Gift of Green ... very informative and helpful.

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  1. Ah! I love the classic silhouette! So classy and classic... Great job!