Give a Hoot

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Impatient owl.
Impatient owl?

sept11 002

It didn't take long to use the fabric I won from Sew Mama Sew. I knew it wouldn't, those owls were calling out to me "who who, give a hoot and make us into something, who who", so I did ... their owly puns were enough to ruffle my feathers! The brown floral is Berries Mocha and the green is a seersucker that seems to go with a lot of what I've been making lately, including this quilt and this one.

sept11 006

The owl (I think she's a hoot) is a really nice brown flannel.

I've always been perfectly content with the flannel at JoAnn's ... some of it looks like it'll pill before I get out of the store, but some of it is quite nice and fun, and I love the softness of flannel for babies. But JoAnn's didn't have any brown flannel so I had to buy some at the quilting fabric store, for way more than I'd normally pay. Oh wow, I had no idea ... this flannel is so strong and soft and sturdy ... I couldn't stop touching it ... I didn't know anything like it existed, but I do now, and I also know the quilting store has a HUGE flannel section ... I can feel my bank balance shrinking as I write.

owl quilt

The binding and backing fabric is a pink floral.

Since he couldn't care less and won't be embarrassed (I love that 4 isn't macho!) ... K. is madly in love with this quilt. While I was hand sewing the binding he was laying on whatever part he could. When I'd need him to he'd sit up, let me turn the quilt, and then lay back down. Sadly for him, we're not keeping this one. He'll be happy to know though that new quilts for his room are planned for the near future ... as soon as I come up with a direction to go (I'm pretty sure that means pirate of some sort!).

The quilt is in the shop.

To change the subject completely ... any input on 1st grade/beginning reading programs would be much welcomed. We're using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and have used it with the four youngest kids, but A. needs something else, or something more. What I'd like to try is something more phonics oriented, focusing on sound combinations as well as individual letters. Or I suppose I could write something simple up myself and combine it with Bob books and A. related flashcards. Hmm ... I think I may have to try that.

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8 Comment

  1. Way to go - nice combination of color and fabric. I like it.

  2. I just love the direction you're going in (craftwise) with these quilts. They are so beautiful! I'm hoping that one comes up in a Dex worthy idea what that would be though. Keep up the great work, I love them all.

  3. I love this quilt too! Wonderful ideas you have, Jody!!

  4. this owl quilt is so cuuuuute!

  5. Adorable!! My five year old son is the exact opposite(Pink!!! Eww!!), and my other kids are out groing the whole quilt scene... :(

  6. Oh, I love that owl quilt! So nice colors and the owl is a true star on it! Great job!