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25 062

We're home. Our vacation exists only in our memories now.

Really, I love being home. But this house is too big. The kids are all off sleeping in their own rooms and I miss them ... in the cottage and hotels we were all so close ... I liked that, these more spacious quarters are going to take some getting used to.

On our way to Wisconsin we met up with C's best friend and her Mom in the Atlanta airport, they were going to New Jersey (I think) and had a layover in the same terminal as us. At the cottage we saw a bunch of sailboats racing and asked about it ... all of a sudden one of the women from the race committee boat is yelling "C, how are you?? It's great to see you" ... it was the Grandmother of one of C's friends, she was up visiting friends from Florida too (we missed C's friend though by a few days). And then today we're on the plane and someone taps me on the shoulder and says hi. I look up and it's my mother. She and my father were on the same plane as us from Atlanta, even though we'd left from different airports, of course this means we were all waiting in the same terminal and didn't see each other. So weird, in cool ways!

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