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Look what I won from Beth at In the Key of Life! First, a wonderful cotton reversible bag, teal and brown on one side and creamy floral on the other. I've been wanting a bag with the blue/brown combination for a while but didn't want to make one because I already have a pink/brown bag and also a blue leather bag, so I thought having another so similar might be too much ... but now I have one and I love it! It hangs just right for me and the straps are long enough to carry it on my shoulder if I'm holding someone's hand, yet short enough to carry in my hands too. It has just the right amount of room for me too. Perfect.

Look at these beautiful notecards (click on the picture to see a larger view). These are from pictures Beth took. I'm so impressed by this, especially by her saying that it's so easy ... the cards look extremely professional.
And then cool ribbons. I love ribbon. And these are going to go well with so many projects. I can't wait to use them.

And now the best part of the prize ... all these items were hand delivered by Beth and her son. It was the first time we'd really met and we talked for maybe an hour. It was hard because I had to work (dang it) but so cool. Beth is so sweet and smart. Her son is awesome, he's got the best hair color I've ever seen ... he's all boy, for sure, and never stopped moving, but just a treat to watch and play with. We had a lot in common, even being familiar with the same area of Wisconsin. I got to meet them too and he's already asking when we can see them again (and he's telling everyone about Mommy's prize). Thanks again Beth.

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  1. oh...I'm blushing!! You are just too nice. I had a great visit too and I'm sure we would all have fun coming back to see I soon. Since we're so close we'll have to get together for something fun.
    Thanks again for all the extremely kind words.